Tip of the week

Three films connected by theme, idea, personality, genre or just the taste of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival programmers. Three Times is a dynamic collection that grows every week with a new trio of films and as an enduring inspiration it is worth visiting regularly.

3× with the best intentions

Sensitive, honest and kind, such are our heroes, whose goodness the outside world mistakes for stupidity. Fortunately, the simple joy of life brings one essential benefit, and that is happiness.

3× Prague

In Prague, we go to bed at dawn. As evidenced by a probe of the metropolis' nightlife from 1969, another from the end of the nineties and a third offering for example a look at the courtship of a stag-beetle in a night restaurant.

3× something like happiness

A moment of happiness during a love affair in a place where love is paid for, a bit of happiness in the middle of an industrial backwater and happiness boosted by the new love of a carpenter already in love.

3× in a courtroom

On Guilt, Punishment and Witnesses by Jan Kadár and Elmar Klos, Cédric Kahn and Justine Triet.

3× Doc Investigation

A mixture of documentary, crime drama and spy thriller about a plane crash or the assassination of the UN Secretary General. A strange double portrait of the relationship between a thief and his victim. And finally, a moving investigation into the origins of a mysterious songwriter.

3× lambs

Flocks and flocks again, and over them watching brothers, who are united only by their love for the sheep. The strange lamb was born in a disturbing horror poem. And finally, the most famous animated lamb, this time on an intergalactic mission.

3× Zdeněk Liška

Medieval ballad, sci-fi and crazy comedy. Three films from the incredibly varied filmography of a composer of musical themes remembered by generations and a visionary pioneer of sound design, the use of samples and electronic sound.

3× of bees and men

About the fragile relationship between humans and bees, which nature cannot do without, in the form of a film poem by Miroslav Janek, in a surprisingly funny, tender and harsh Macedonian documentary and in an epic saga by Juraj Jakubisko.

3× trip to the countryside

Nature is waking up, spring is beckoning for a trip to the countryside. With Miroslav Krobot we will go to Hanušovice, with Grímur Hákonarson to a remote village in the north of Iceland and with Viktor Kossakovsky to a farm somewhere in the north.

3× sex

Two men, two women and a camera, a love triangle in the grip of a drug called love and nuns fascinated by miracles of various forms. Connections of love, sex and passion in unusually intimate perspectives.