Tip of the week

Three films connected by theme, idea, personality, genre or just the taste of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival programmers. Three Times is a dynamic collection that grows every week with a new trio of films and as an enduring inspiration it is worth visiting regularly.

3× men on the hunt

Toni Servillo, as Silvio Berlusconi, preys on women with the help of money, the faded Faun, Leoš Suchařípa, lays traps in the wine bars of the Lesser Town, and Josef Abrhám, in the outfit of a waiter, is simply being taken in by women.

3× tenderness of snow

Three wishes come true about the white landscape outside the window: friendship in the shadow of the mountain massifs, love in a remote train station in the Jeseníky Mountains and snowy Lapland reflected on the retina of a small reindeer.

3× man with moustache

For many years, Movember has been a part of November, just as the moustaches of Chaplin, Tom Seleck and Miloš Kopecký have been a part of film. Moustache = villain? See for yourself!

3× Woody Allen

Did you know that Woody Allen's name is actually Heywood? Anyway, this phenomenal filmmaker released his 50th film this year, and that's a good reason to check out a few of his older titles.

3× Juliette Binoche

Weird retro detective comedy, mystery thriller and family drama. A trio of films as different as night and day, each containing that magic ingredient called Juliette Binoche.

3× Jiří Bartoška

The President of the KVIFF Jiří Bartoska received a state award from the President of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel and we would like to congratulate him and invite you to watch three films from his rich acting career.

3× for she's unbound

Directors and their strong-willed heroines: Sissi reimagined by Maria Kreutzer, Sarah the astronaut sent into orbit by Alice Winocour, and the iconic Nico as seen by Susanna Nicchiarelli.

3× follow the trail to the dog

John Wick had his beloved Daisy, the Kubin family had Ota, and all of Budapest had a two-headed pack led by Hagen. Three stories that wouldn't be the way they are if it weren't for the dog.

3× unlucky in Cannes

The idea of three Czech films in competition at the Cannes Film Festival at once sounds like a dangerous delusion. But in May 1968 it happened. However, at the edition which was closed early after a few days...

3× there is no planet B

An unlikely role for Johnny Depp in a film based on a true story, a Sundance award-winning meditation on changing the world and a documentary about the man who introduced the term "global warming" to the world.