Frequently asked questions

What is KVIFF.TV?
A film platform with a diverse library of more than 500 films selected by the programming team from the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in collaboration with the Aerofilms film distribution company. Besides films, you will also find an abundance of bonus material and original shows. During the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, KVIFF.TV becomes the festival's official television station, bringing you news, information, and live broadcasts of important events, and offering viewers additional original video content.
What kind of content does KVIFF.TV offer?
The Karlovy Vary festival team carefully selects the best films from the Czech Republic and abroad. Our library contains new releases alongside time-tested classics. You will find important directors as well as emerging talents. In order to help you navigate KVIFF.TV and the world of cinema, we organize films into thematic collections. Besides films, you can also choose from a wide selection of original shows and bonus materials, all of it available for free.
What is the difference between a subscription and direct purchases of a film?
Our services differ both in price and form of playback. If you are interested in multiple films, we recommend purchasing a monthly (CZK 160/month) or annual (CZK 1,700/year) subscription, which gives you unlimited playback of nearly entire catalogue of our films. Although subscribers do not have access to all new releases, they do get a discount on direct purchases (starting at CZK 55/film). Your subscription will be renewed automatically. Should you wish to cancel your subscription, you may do so in your personal profile. For rapid viewing of one specific film, we recommend streaming the film directly in your browser (usually CZK 80/film). In this case, you will have 7 days to watch the film. If you want to own the film without any limitations, you can download it as an MP4 file (usually CZK 150/film).
What films can I see as part of my subscription?
We try to make as many films from our catalogue as possible available to our subscribers. However, in view of the number of different distributors and licensing conditions, we cannot include all new releases immediately. Sometimes you will have to wait a few months after a film's online premiere. Nevertheless, you can directly purchase the film for streaming or download. Films available as part of your subscriptions can be viewed here.
In what language are the films?
Most of the films are shown in their original language with Czech subtitles by leading Czech translators. Some of the films feature external subtitles that can be turned on and off, while others have the subtitles burned directly in the image that cannot be turned off. For children's and family films, we sometimes offer a version with Czech dubbing so the films can be enjoyed by even the youngest viewers.
How can I give a film or a subscription to someone else as a gift? 
If you click the button marked „Gift“ (in the film's description) or “Gift subscription” (on the homepage) and subsequently pay the selected service, you will receive an email with a voucher that you can then forward or print out and present as a gift. All the recipient of your gift has to do to activate the chosen service is to enter the code from the voucher. The voucher can be used at any time, and the service made available by the voucher is valid starting on the date of activation. Subscriptions activated using a voucher are not automatically renewed.
I've received a gift voucher code. How do I use it? 
The code on the voucher unlocks the selected film for playback/download or activates a subscription or discount. The code is entered once by clicking the „Voucher“ button in film detail page or on your profile page. In order to use a voucher, you must have a registered account with us and be logged in to your account before entering the code. Your service is activated after the voucher code has been entered into our system.
How do I cancel my subscription?
If you register and pay for your subscription, it will automatically renew monthly or annually. When you decide to cancel your subscription, just deactivate the Automatic renewal function in your personal profile.
What are the minimum technical requirements for using KVIFF.TV without difficulties?
KVIFF.TV works best with the latest version of a web browser (ideally Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) and a fast and stable internet connection. You can try playing a trailer or show for free: If playback is smooth, your connection is sufficiently fast and nothing stands in the way of your cinematic enjoyment. If you have a slower connection, you can manually lower the quality of the image in the video player.
What is the format of downloaded films?
We offer film downloads in the MP4 format (h264) with a variable bitrate of 4 Mbps. You can choose from two levels of quality – 1920 (FullHD) or 1280 (HD) horizontal pixels. Sound is in stereo; because of compatibility, multichannel sound is not supported. For most films, you will have to download subtitles in SRT format. For playback, we recommend using the VLC media player. We do not recommend nor do we support downloads onto mobile telephones, televisions, or any devices other than a personal computer.
How do I watch a movie on TV?
For more convenient watching, we have developed an app for Samsung (2018 and newer), LG (2018 and newer) and Android smart TVs. If you have an older smart TV, you can try out KVIFF.TV directly in the integrated web browser by logging in with your account. However, we can't guarantee this for all TVs as it depends on many technical parameters of the manufacturer. If you're not sure if your TV has enough power, try playing the movie trailer or any episode of KVIFF Originals for free.
Can I watch films outside the Czech Republic?
KVIFF.TV is intended primarily for viewers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We do not have the proper licenses for other regions, and so the films cannot be watched or downloaded from abroad. However, if you already have an account and are planning a holiday or business trip, then you can access our catalogue of films even from abroad. Using a VPN is not a problem for KVIFF.TV. The only requirement is that you turn off your VPN and have a Czech IP address during the initial registration process.
I operate a culture center. Can I screen a purchased film for the public?
Our licenses are limited to domestic viewing (home video). You can certainly watch purchased films with your family, a partner, or friends. But you cannot show it at a public screening, for instance at a café, pub, or outdoor cinema. If you are interested in holding a public screening, please contact us at and we will put you in touch with the distributor, who can offer you the chance to hold your screening legally for a licensing fee.
What do you do with my personal data?
Your data is safe with us. We only process the most essential information (name, surname, email address, purchase history), and only for as long as needed in order to be able to offer you the best possible services. Please feel free to read our principles for personal data processing and our Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions..
What is KVIFF ID?
We have developed a new and more secure way of logging in that allows you to use not only KVIFF.TV, but also other services related to the Karlovy Vary Film Festival and all KVIFF Group activities. Thanks to your KVIFF ID, you will have access to the Vodafone KVIFF Guide mobile app, as well as to your profile on the website with the ability to set up your festival programme in the My Programme tool.
I have the original KVIFF.TV mobile app. Will it be compatible with the platform's new version?
The new design of the KVIFF.TV platform has been developed in collaboration with another company. The result is an entirely new product, and last year's application is no longer functional. However, KVIFF.TV is fully compatible with mobile devices, meaning that you can watch KVIFF.TV without difficulty on your telephone. What is more, from your browser you can place a shortcut right on your desktop, so that you can reach our site as easily as possible.
Something's not working, who can I contact?
In case of technical problems, please contact our email support at Please include your problem, operating system version, web browser and movie title in the body of the email.