The full-lenght feature debut of a director familiar with the environment of Prague youth where a lifestyle of modern music, drugs and sexual deviation plays an important role.

Czechia 1996
84 min.

This low-budget feature captures the techno-subculture then as now popular among Prague youth. Anna, on the run from a small-town military academy, meets up with a group of easygoing kids who hang out at clubs eating dance drugs. She falls in love with one of them but this of course requires stronger roots. The film, which has attained cult status, is blessed with atmospherically well-executed nonacting scenes.

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Director: David Ondříček
Screenplay: David Ondříček, Jan Novák, Tomáš Mašín
Cinematography: Alexander Šurkala
Music: Jan P. Muchow, Colorfactory
Sound: Jan Čeněk
Editing: Petr Turyna
Production Design: Tomáš Kuča
Producer: Petr Oukropec, Pavel Strnad
Costumes: Kateřina Coufalíková
Cast: Tatiana Dyková, Jan P. Muchow, Jan Čechtický, Kateřina Winterová, Petra Špalková, Zdeněk David, Zdeněk Suchý, Bořivoj Navrátil