One Hand Can't Clap

This black comedy features a detective-story plot, full of humorous situations, absurd dialogue and memorable tip-offs. It relates the tale of coincidences involving a couple of losers and an untraditional vegetarian restaurant and its owner.

Jedna ruka netleská
Czechia 2003
102 min.
  • This film is available until 31. 7. 2024 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

Following the generation gap films Whisper and Loners, director David Ondříček has made a black comedy. A film with many coincidences and plenty of twists, a crime-story plot verging on the detective genre that sparkles with absurd dialogue, shocking gags, and subtle jokes. The plot throws together a notorious loser named Standa who has just come out of prison, and another loser, Ondra, recently thrown out of a security agency. From now on their misfortunes multiply. The eccentric Zdeněk, Standa’s former boss (who owes him a lot of money), is a successful businessman – the owner of The Magic Garden, a prospering vegetarian restaurant. He is the husband of a no less eccentric, ecologically-minded wife, and the father of two strange offspring. Everything goes well until he meets the aforementioned duo of losers, who have set their hearts on ferreting out the secret of his restaurant’s gou­rmet club – an eatery serving very peculiar delicacies…

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Director: David Ondříček
Screenplay: David Ondříček, Jiří Macháček
Cinematography: Richard Řeřicha
Music: Jan P. Muchow
Sound: Pavel Rejholec, Jakub Čech
Editing: Michal Lánský
Production Design: Radek Hanák
Producer: David Ondříček
Co-production: Jaroslav Kučera, Jan Otčenášek, Helena Uldrichová, Dušan Kukal
Costumes: Kateřina Coufalíková
Cast: Jiří Macháček, Ivan Trojan, Klára Pollertová-Trojanová, Jan Tříska, Vladimír Dlouhý, Marek Taclík, Radek Holub, Kristína Lukešová, Tatiana Dyková

Czech Lions

2003 – Ivan Trojan (Best Supporting Actor)

Czech Lions

2003 – Jan P. Muchow (Best Music)

  • This film is available until 31. 7. 2024 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.