An aspiring writer is hired as a croupier at a casino, where he realizes that his life as a croupier would make a great novel.

France, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom 1998
  • Czech
95 min.
  • This film is available until 14. 1. 2025 in these territories: Czechia.

Jack Manfred is an aspiring writer going nowhere fast. To make ends meet, and against his better judgement, he takes a job as a croupier. He finds himself drawn into the casino world and the job gradually takes over his life; his relationship with girlfriend Marion begins to deteriorate. One gambler in particular catches his attention: Jani, whom he starts to see outside of working hours – a serious violation of casino rules. Jani is down on her luck; under pressure from her creditors she approaches Jack, asking him to be the inside man for a planned heist at the casino. Jack carefully considers the odds; it all looks so simple, but even a professional like Jack can't predict the cards he will be dealt.

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Director: Mike Hodges
Screenplay: Paul Mayersberg
Cinematography: Michael Garfath
Music: Simon Fisher-Turner
Sound: Colin Miller
Editing: Les Healey
Production Design: Jon Bunker
Producer: Jonathan Cavendish
Co-production: Christine Ruppert
Costumes: Caroline Harris
Cast: Clive Owen, Kate Hardie, Alex Kingston, Gina McKee, Nicholas Ball, Nick Reding, Alexander Morton, Barnaby Kay, John Radcliffe, Sheila Whitfield, David Hamilton, Carol Davis
  • This film is available until 14. 1. 2025 in these territories: Czechia.