Go Back to Your Grave!

Milan Šteindler in a fresh story about a peculiar journey to youth and back again.

Vrať se do hrobu!
Czechoslovakia 1989
96 min.

Though he is in his twenties, with a wife and children, the sociologist in this film is sent to study an aspect of the lives of high-school students, and must go undercover to do it. At first he is skittish about his role, but soon he discovers how much fun it is, and delights in the ability to win the attention of attractive girls. Meanwhile, his real family is not getting to see much of him, and conflicts arise.

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Director: Milan Šteindler
Screenplay: Halina Pawlowská, Milan Šteindler
Cinematography: Miroslav Čvorsjuk
Music: Miloslav Halík
Sound: Tomáš Janeček
Editing: Věra Flaková
Production Design: Jindřich Goetz
Producer: Jaroslav Bouček
Costumes: Tereza Kučerová
Cast: Milan Šteindler, Dana Batulková, Klára Pollertová-Trojanová, Kryštof Koláček, Matěj Peprník, Halina Pawlowská, Eva Holubová