The Prague Five

Tomáš Vorl's legendary short story film with actors from non-traditional theatres.

Pražská 5
Czechoslovakia 1988
97 min.

Five short stories. The instructor, doctor Milan Šteindler, CSc. – with his hair smarmed and in a very formal way – introduces five film performances by young avant-garde theatres: the pantomime group Mimoza, the art art theatre Kolotoč, the elocutionary group Vpřed, the ballet unit Křeč and the theatre Sklep. The vase in front of the instructor contains five red carnations which wither one by one. The film guide's condition withers, too, his expression loses continuity and he must keep peeping into his notes. Before introducing the last story, he is noticeably worse for drink and dishevelled and even stutters. As soon as he recalls the 1950s, his eyes fill with tears.

Director: Tomáš Vorel
Screenplay: Tomáš Vorel st.
Cinematography: Antonín Weiser, Roman Pavlíček
Music: Jiří Chlumecký, Pavel Richter, Jaroslav Vaculík
Editing: Jiří Brožek
Producer: Přemysl Pražský
Cast: Michaela Pavlátová, Eva Holubová, Vlastimil Zavřel, David Vávra, Tomáš Vorel st., Marek Vašut, Radim Vašinka, Milan Šteindler, Tomáš Hanák