Run, He Is Coming!

A comedy about happiness, Indian magic and adultery. One day Mr and Mrs Sysel happen to solve the problem of lacking enough room in their tiny flat. They break through the wall into their neighbour's com­fortable flat, from which they borrow not only additional square feets of space, but things of his personal property as well.

Utekajme, už ide!
Czechoslovakia 1986
  • English
88 min.

A young family with two children lives in a miniature one-room apartment on a housing estate, with no hope of anything better. A new tenant (Milan Lasica) moves into the large flat next door, looking very distant, mysterious and intellectual. In the evenings he is also very free-minded. The unhappy Syslovs, who can find neither a moment nor a space for their privacy, just listen helplessly to the sounds from next door. One day, however, the father (Marián Zednikovič) accidentally makes a hole in the wall, which allows him to pass into his neighbour's a­partment. He and gradually the whole family begin to discover a new world – seemingly a world of everything the Syslovs never dared to think of in their wildest dreams. The intermingling of the two spaces and the tension of discovery, the disappearance of people in the one-room apartment, etc., give rise to comic situations based on observations from the most ordinary family life. However, a reflection on human freedom and simple human desires also gets under the skin.

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Director: Dušan Rapoš
Screenplay: Jozef Slovák, Jozef Heriban
Cinematography: Vladimír Ješina
Music: Dušan Rapoš, Jozef Slovák
Sound: Pavol Sásik
Editing: Maximilián Remeň
Production Design: Roman Rjachovský
Producer: Ján Tomaškovič
Costumes: Tatiana Balkovicová
Cast: Marián Zednikovič, Zuzana Bydžovská, Milan Lasica, Andrej Hryc, Milan Kiš, Jiří Menzel, Slávka Šábová, Tomáš Zednikovič, Július Satinský, Miroslav Noga