Ecce Homo Homolka

Jaroslav Papoušek's famous Czech film comedy about the Homolka family and their unsuccessful Sunday trip.

Ecce homo Homolka
Czechoslovakia 1969
80 min.

The hedonistic Homolková family departs Prague for a Sunday trip to the countryside. But they are forced to return home early by a woman’s voice calling – fruitlessly – for help. While grandpa prepares for a game of football, the rest of the family – the resolute grandmother, corpulent Heduš, her rather wimpy husband Ludva, and two naughty young twins – head out on an alternative trip to Chuchle to “see the horses”. But nothing quite manages to turn out as planned – and the Homolkas' Sunday ends full of self-pity and recriminations.

This accomplished feature, which charts the life of one simple Czech family, benefits from memorable dialogue, classic moments, and distinctive characters. The cast boasts strong performances from the likes of Josef Šebánek, Helena Růžičková, František Husák and Marie Motlová. Matěj and Petr Forman (sons of Miloš) play the twins.

Directed by: Jaroslav Papoušek
Screenplay: Jaroslav Papoušek
Camera: Jozef Ort-Šnep
Music: Karel Mareš
Editing: Jiřina Lukešová
Design: Karel Černý
Production: Rudolf Hájek
Actors: Josef Šebánek, Marie Motlová, František Husák, Helena Růžičková, Petr Forman, Matěj Forman