Firemen’s Ball

A volunteer fire department throws a party for their former boss with the whole town invited, but nothing goes as planned.

Hoří, má panenko
Italy, Czechoslovakia 1967
  • English
71 min.

The volunteer fire department in a small town is having a big party when the ex-boss of the department celebrates his 86th birthday. The whole town is invited but things don’t go as planned. Someone is stealing the prizes in the lottery and the candidates for the Miss Fire-Department beauty contest are neither willing nor particularly beautiful. A bitter-sweet comedy by Miloš Forman, which may or may not be an allegory of the communist society.

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Director: Miloš Forman
Screenplay: Miloš Forman, Jaroslav Papoušek, Ivan Passer
Cinematography: Miroslav Ondříček
Music: Karel Mareš
Sound: Adolf Böhm
Editing: Miroslav Hájek
Production Design: Karel Černý
Producer: Rudolf Hájek, Carlo Ponti
Costumes: Zdena Šnajdarová, Emilie Fišarová
Cast: Jan Vostrčil, Josef Šebánek, Ladislav Adam, Vratislav Čermák, František Debelka, Václav Novotný, František Paska, František Reinstein