Bear with Us

Before handing over the cottage to the new owner, the mother decides to organize one last family reunion. Award-winning comedy by Tomáš Pavlíček.

Chata na prodej
Czechia 2018
77 min.
  • This film is available in the following territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

A family has decided to sell their lovely cottage as none of them has visited it for some time. Yet it holds so many nostalgic memories that the mother suggests they all spend one last day there before the sale takes place. During their (more or less voluntary) time together, certain issues between individual members of the family inevitably come out into the open. Four years after his debut Totally Talking, director Tomáš Pavlíček returns to Karlovy Vary with a deliberately paced comedy whose protagonists may remind the viewer of characters crafted by Jaroslav Papoušek. Bear with Us, the director’s second picture, takes an agreeably detached view of the Czech phenomenon of weekending in the country.

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Director: Tomáš Pavlíček
Screenplay: Tomáš Pavlíček, Lucie Bokšteflová
Cinematography: Jan Baset Střítežský
Music: Aleš Březina
Sound: Marek Poledna
Editing: Janka Vlčková
Production Design: Zuzana Formánková
Producer: Tomáš Michálek, Jakub Mahler
Costumes: Tereza Kučerová
Cast: Ivana Chýlková, David Vávra, Tereza Voříšková, Michael Pitthan, Judit Bárdos, Jan Strejcovský, Jana Synková

Czech Film Critic Awards

2018 – Lucie Bokšteflová, Tomáš Pavlíček (Best Screenplay)

  • This film is available in the following territories: Czechia, Slovakia.