Cannes Festival presents

A selection of films that have won awards in the Main Competition of one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals.

One of the most important film festivals has been in the service of the art of cinema for almost 80 years. The Cannes Festival was officially founded in 1946, but its origins date back eight years earlier, when, in response to the Nazi-manipulated competition at the Venice Festival, an initiative was born to create a competitive and free festival dedicated to world cinema. It was not until a year after the war that the Cannes Casino finally came alive with festival activity, and since then, with a few exceptions, this major film event has been held every year, surviving censorship, the Cold War, expanding during the 1960s to include parallel independent programme sections – Critics' Week and Directors' Fortnight – and the Marché du Film, which has evolved into the largest event of its kind in the world. The 1970s saw the creation of the Other View section, dedicated to original and atypical works, and the Cannes Classic. The Festival is constantly transforming and expanding its activities to support filmmakers and the development of the film industry, currently presenting feature films by established directors and the next generation of filmmakers in its official and parallel sections, short films in the official competition and the Cinéfondation programme dedicated to student productions. However, the Main Competition receives the most attention each year. This collection offers a selection of films that have previously won awards in the Festival's Main Competition, including the Palme d'Or, the Grand Prix and the prizes for Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actor or Actress in a Leading Role.

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