The Taste of Things

Delicious broth bubbles in the pot, a sharp knife chops freshly picked herbs and a little further on, freshly caught fish rests in white wine. This is the story of gourmet Dodin and his chef, who together bring culinary gems to the world.

La Passion de Dodin Bouffant
France 2023
  • Czech
134 min.
  • This film is available in the following territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

The year is 1885. In a large house in the Loire Valley, another day begins and the cook Eugénie (Juliette Binoche) has been running around the kitchen since early morning. Her unique talent and love of cooking result in incredibly tasty dishes. For the last 20 years, she has worked for the famous gourmet Dodin (Benoît Magimel). Together, they search for and find new, novel recipes, explore flavours and share a love of gastronomy. Over the years, a strong bond has developed between them, scented with sincere love. Dodin would love Eugénie to be his wife. But she stubbornly refuses, not wanting to lose her freedom. Their cohabitation is perfect. They spend a lot of time together, researching and finding recipes. Isn't that better than any marriage? But Dodin is stubborn, so he decides to do something he's never done before: he cooks for her. Maybe then she'll say yes to him.

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Director: Anh Hung Tran
Based on: Marcel Rouff
Screenplay: Anh Hung Tran
Cinematography: Jonathan Ricquebourg
Sound: Thomas Gauder
Editing: Mario Battistel
Production Design: Toma Baqueni
Producer: Olivier Delbosc
Co-production: Cédric Iland, Bastien Sirodot
Costumes: Nu Yên-Khê Tran
Cast: Juliette Binoche, Benoît Magimel, Emmanuel Salinger, Patrick d'Assumçao, Galatéa Bellugi, Jan Hammenecker, Frédéric Fisbach, Bonnie Chagneau-Ravoire, Jean-Marc Roulot, Yannik Landrein

Cannes Film Festival

2023 – Anh Hung Tran (Best Director)

San Sebastián International Film Festival

2023 – Anh Hung Tran (Culinary Zinema Award – Best Film)

  • This film is available in the following territories: Czechia, Slovakia.