Brigand Jurko

Animated feature film about the new adventures of the famous Slovak brigand Juro Jánošík. He becomes a hero who hates evil and fights against social injustice.

Zbojník Jurko
Czechoslovakia 1976
  • English
79 min.

The legend of Janosik, who took from the rich and gave to the poor, has long been a classic of Slovak folklore. The brave bandit, protected by a belt from a good fairy and who comes to right all the wrongs that the poor have been richly treated by feudal lords, lives on in many folk songs, fairy tales and stories. This animated film, made by Viktor Kubal, a Slovak classic of the genre, in 1976, is a charmingly distinctive retelling of the legend, in which imagination, playfulness and a sense of dramatic situations come to life in an unmistakably lyrical artistic style. Viktor Kubal is the author of the story, screenplay, commentary, art director, animator and director of the entire film, which today belongs to the golden fund of Slovak cinema.

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Director: Viktor Kubal
Screenplay: Viktor Kubal
Cinematography: Jozef Ružička
Music: Juraj Lexmann
Sound: Alexander Pallós
Editing: Margita Kováčová
Production Design: Viktor Kubal
Producer: Filoména Urbaničová, Pavel Forisch
Cast: Darina Laščiaková, Ondrej Jariabek