Before Tonight Is Over

Night after night, a trendy nightclub located in a Slovak mountain resort provides the setting for casual acquaintances among an assortment of patrons. In a place where they ought to be relaxing and having a good time, fragments of conversations are overheard which allude to their various traumas, failures, self-delusions, elusive dreams, and naive fantasies.

Kým sa skončí táto noc
Czechoslovakia 1965
  • English
86 min.

A film examining the feelings of different people spending the night in a fancy night club. It is a story of two young administrative workers saving their money throughout the year to spend a few carefree days; two plumbers seeking erotic pleasure; a construction-site manager embezzling the wages of all his team; an unacknowledged inventor and a former major of the British Army who becomes alcohol-addict due to the political oppression of the post-war period.

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Director: Peter Solan
Screenplay: Tibor Vichta, Peter Solan
Cinematography: Vincent Rosinec
Music: Jaroslav Laifer, Miloš Jurkovič
Sound: Jaroslav Plavec
Editing: Maximilián Remeň
Production Design: Ivan Vaníček
Producer: Viliam Čánky
Costumes: Stanislava Vaníčková
Cast: Jana Gýrová, Jitka Zelenohorská, Stano Dančiak, Marián Labuda st., Július Pántik, Valentina Thielová, Vladimír Durdík st., Erna Suchánová