I Love, You Love

Tragicomic odyssey of three beings lost among the parcels of railway transport.

Ja milujem, ty miluješ
Czechoslovakia 1980
  • English
101 min.

Pišta, a lonely bachelor, working in a Post office, takes to drinking to get over his small stature and unsightly appearance. He is hopelessly in love with his colleague Viera, who in turn is haplessly in love with Pista's friend Vinco. With fate being his adversary, he tries to make up for his situation with humor.

Slovak director Dušan Hanák is known to the film audience as a sensitive observer of human dramas in areas where other filmmakers do not venture. This drama was made in 1980, but due to an absurd ideological ban it was not released until nine years later, five months before the fall of the communist regime. As the unhappily in love Viera, the audience will see Czech actress Iva Janžurová in one of her best performances. Pišta is played by Polish actor and theatre director Roman Klosowski, while Vince is the role of Yugoslavian screenwriter and director Milan Jelić. The film was awarded, among others, the Silver Bear for directing and a special mention from the FIPRESCI jury at the 39th International Film Festival Berlin.

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Director: Dušan Hanák
Screenplay: Dušan Hanák, Dušan Dušek
Cinematography: Jozef Ort-Šnep, Alojz Hanúsek
Music: Miroslav Kořínek
Sound: Ondrej Polomský
Editing: Alfréd Benčič
Production Design: Miloš Kalina
Producer: Karol Bakoš
Costumes: Milan Čorba
Cast: Roman Kłosowski, Iva Janžurová, Milan Jelič, Milada Ježková, Václav Babka, Eszter Czakániová, Ľudovít Reiter, Marie Motlová, Juraj Nvota


1989 – Dušan Hanák (Silver Bear – Best Director)


1989 – Dušan Hanák (FIPRESCI Prize – Honorable Mention)