Nymph()maniac: Volume 1

A frank study of female sexuality starring Charlotte Gainsbourg. Episode one.

Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, United Kingdom 2013
  • Czech
117 min.

When a bachelor named Seligman finds a young woman named Joe beaten outside his house, he takes her into his home. Joe begins to tell him her story and reveals all the secrets of her twisted life, full of erotic encounters and an insatiable desire for sex. The conclusion of Trier's „trilogy of depression,“ divided into two films, charts in eight chapters the protagonist's life from youth to adulthood, and in between images of her passion, pain, lust and despair, refers to a number of non-literary works, from the Bible to the Decameron to the Marquis de Sade.

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Director: Lars von Trier
Screenplay: Lars von Trier
Cinematography: Manuel Alberto Claro
Editing: Molly Malene Stensgaard, Morten Højbjerg, Jacob Secher Schulsinger
Production Design: Simone Grau Roney
Producer: Louise Vesth
Co-production: Bettina Brokemper, Bert Hamelinck, Marianne Slot
Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Shia LaBeouf, Stacy Martin, Jamie Bell, Connie Nielsen, Mia Goth

Danish Film Awards (Robert)

2015 – Lars von Trier, Louise Vesth (Best Film)

Danish Film Awards (Robert)

2015 – Lars von Trier (Best Director)

Danish Film Awards (Robert)

2015 – Lars von Trier (Best Original Screenplay)

Danish Film Awards (Robert)

2015 – Manuel Alberto Claro (Best Cinematography)

Danish Film Awards (Robert)

2015 – Molly Marlene Stensgaard, Morten Højbjerg (Best Editing)

Bodil Awards

2014 – Charlotte Gainsbourg (Best Actress)