Lucie: The Story of a Rock Band

30 years together, 30 years apart. A unique documentary about the famous Czech band full of never published archive footage.

Lucie: Příběh jedný kapely
Czechia 2016
86 min.
  • This film is available until 6. 7. 2026 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

From the moment the band Lucie arrived on the Czech music scene and instantly became a legend, they’ve been enhancing our lives with hits that have really got under our skin. In this unique documentary, we are given the opportunity to see the band on the big screen for the first time and experience all their highs and lows, this time without the bogus stories dredged up by the tabloids. Director David Sís doesn’t delve into the circumstances surrounding various past breakups, instead he examines the reasons why the group always gets back together again. Via a sequence of flashbacks, the film draws audiences into its narrative such that, for a period of ninety minutes, they, too, get a true taste of the rock star lifestyle. With a real feel for the story, the director combines his own material with television archive footage to create a remarkable cocktail which brings back to life all the things that connect us with Lucie: from our first encounter, when we still had a Walkman hanging off our belts, and the gala night at the opera, to the concerts sold out within minutes.

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Director: David Sís
Screenplay: David Sís, Michal Novák, Šimon Hájek
Cinematography: Jan Turek ml.
Sound: Pavel Karlík, Lumír Hrma, Radim Hladík ml.
Editing: Michal Novák
Producer: Jan Turek
Cast: David Koller, Robert Kodym, Michal Dvořák, P.B.CH., Lenka Dusilová, Ivan Král, Václav Havel
  • This film is available until 6. 7. 2026 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.