Michael Haneke

He is one of the most influential and distinctive auteur filmmakers of our time. He has won numerous festival awards, including two Palme d'Or at Cannes. An Oscar and two Golden Globes show that he has made his mark in America. Get to know the work of Austrian master Michael Haneke thanks to KVIFF.TV.

No one reflects the detached and lonely ways of communication as precisely and stylishly as he does. Whether it's childhood sociopathic behaviour (Benny's Video), racial disconformity (Code Unknown), original thoughts on the depiction of violence (Funny Games), a sadomasochistic love affair (The Pianist) or euthanasia in the Oscar-winning hit Love, Michael Haneke knows how to draw us into his brilliant cinematic games and make us question our own souls.

Photo © Österreichisches Filmmuseum 2023

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With financial support of the EU

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