Agnès Varda

In a film career spanning more than sixty years, she has become one of the most distinctive and influential figures in world cinema. In her fiction and documentary films, which were in every sense almost the antithesis of the mainstream and yet clear and audience friendly, she explored for the world themes and film forms that often became trends later on.

Agnès Varda's films are not a trip into film history, but a vivid look at the world we live in. They mix the personal, the intimate and the poetic with fundamental social themes. Sensitive attention and a gift for seeing things in unfamiliar perspectives with a sense of humour and insight. She perceived many of the crucial issues of our time long before they were called female power, zero-waste or selfies and was able to capture them in an original way that included an unquenchable curiosity and a willingness to experiment with the possibilities of film language and narrative. This made her a key figure of the French New Wave and one of the most inspiring personalities not only for the world of cinema.

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With financial support of the EU

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