Happy End

An all-star cast, sharp satire of the life of a „better“ European family by the distinctive auteur Michael Haneke.

Happy End
France 2017
  • Czech
107 min.
  • This film is available until 31. 5. 2025 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

As befits middle-class families, the Laurents come together each day at the table, but this is the only thing which unites them. From the patriarch and his daughter, down to the two grandsons and great-granddaughter, each has his or her own concerns and the atmosphere isn’t helped by the current refugee crisis in Calais, where they live. Mere hints of the stories of the individual characters justify the impression that the family is irrevocably falling apart. Michael Haneke remained faithful to his familial theme and to his cinematic style, which is always a revelation. The first sequences of the film, interwoven with the opening credits, are captured on a mobile phone, auguring the unsettling scenes that document the disintegration of the Laurent family. The filmmaker also returns to characters portrayed by the same actors in his earlier film Amour: Georges, defenceless in old age, is embodied by Jean-Louis Trintignant, while Anne, who strives to maintain a sense of decorum, is again played by Isabelle Huppert. Our attention, however, strays to Eve, representing the youngest generation – a bit confused but surprisingly pragmatic.

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Director: Michael Haneke
Screenplay: Michael Haneke
Cinematography: Christian Berger
Sound: Jean-Pierre Laforce, Guillaume Sciama
Editing: Monika Willi
Production Design: Olivier Radot, Anthony Neale
Producer: Veit Heiduschka, Margaret Ménégoz
Co-production: Stefan Arndt, Michael Katz, Olivier Père
Costumes: Catherine Leterrier
Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Mathieu Kassovitz, Fantine Harduin, Franz Rogowski
  • This film is available until 31. 5. 2025 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.