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15. 11. 2023
5 min
  • Czech

A short essay introducing one of the most influential European auteur filmmakers of our time, who is known for themes that surprise and shock. He received two Palme d'Ors at Cannes and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. A wide-ranging collection of films, available at KVIFF. TV, provides access to the key works of his cinema: A film about the sociopathic behaviour of youth, Benny's Video, Code Unknown starring Juliette Binoche, the encyclopaedia of interpersonal violence in its original German version, Funny Games, Isabelle Huppert and Benoît Magimel as representatives of a love relationship of unusual contours in The Pianist, the tension and compulsion of a recurring street shot in the psychological thriller Hidden, or the tenderness and love that permeates the painful final stage of life in the Oscar-winning Love. Now you can be drawn into his work on KVIFF.TV through a comprehensive retrospective, unlocked to subscribers.

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