Drama about the human desire to survive and the fate of the soldiers of the 11th Czechoslovak Infantry Battalion in North Africa in the autumn of 1941, who, under the command of Colonel Karel Klapálek, successfully defended their positions near the port city of Tobruk.

Czechia, Slovakia 2008
103 min.
  • This film is available until 31. 7. 2024 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

Autumn 1941. The Czechoslovak 11th Infantry Battalion (East) is sent to the North African town of Tobruk; their task is to join the allies in defending the last strategic seaport in northern Libya from German and Italian units. The recruits’ dreams of heroism are soon countered with the tough reality of their situation: the constant threat of not only enemy fire, but also the blistering heat of the African desert and, surprisingly, also the limits of their own patience and bravery. Private Jiří Pospíchal, like the others, has to resist the loss of his self-respect and put to the test his will to survive. Inspired by the novel by Stephen Crane, Václav Marhoul’s original war film is not conceived as a traditional war drama, but as a visually uncompromising, atmospheric spectacle which testifies to the courage of men to fight for their country far from home. Nominated for nine Czech Lion awards, Tobruk garnered three (Best Cinematography, Music and Sound).

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Director: Václav Marhoul
Based on: Stephen Crane
Screenplay: Václav Marhoul
Cinematography: Vladimír Smutný
Music: Richard Horowitz, Sussan Deyhim /ž/, Gejza Dusík, Jindřich Harapát
Sound: Pavel Rejholec, Jakub Čech, Martin Jílek
Editing: Luděk Hudec
Production Design: Jan Vlasák
Producer: Václav Marhoul
Co-production: Jaroslav Kučera, Iveta Malachovská
Costumes: Jaroslava Procházková
Cast: Jan Meduna, Petr Vaněk, Robert Nebřenský, Kryštof Rímský, Martin Nahálka, Michal Novotný, Radim Fiala, Matěj Hádek, Andrej Polák, Petr Stach, Petr Lněnička

Czech Lions

2008 – Vladimír Smutný (Best Cinematography)

Czech Lions

2008 – Pavel Rejholec, Jakub Čech (Best Sound)

Czech Lions

2008 – Richard Horowitz, Sussan Deyhim (Best Music)

  • This film is available until 31. 7. 2024 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.