Tiger Theory

Jiří Bartoška is starring in a comedy about a vet who no longer wants to be a domesticated pet rabbit. He longs to become a tiger again.

Teorie tygra
Czechia 2016
101 min.
  • This film is available in the following territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

Perhaps they were once tigers, creatures that roamed free and allowed no-one to dictate the terms. Yet now they are docile and domesticated rabbits who are wracking their startled brains to figure out just how they got so tame. This is the way things seem right now for Jan (Jiří Bartoška), a veterinary surgeon who believes all his life decisions are being made by his enterprising wife Olga (Eliška Balzerová). With a view to regaining the wilder aspects of his past, the best he can come up with is to feign illness and get himself committed to a psychiatric facility, thus extricating himself from his wife’s influence. His problem is also shared by his son-in-law (Jiří Havelka), whose wife Olga (Tatiana Vilhelmová) is always on his case. Do men really have it that bad? Is it so difficult to work things out with women? Are real men now on the verge of extinction? And can you turn your life around at this late stage? This tragicomedy examining human relationships and gender roles provided a great opportunity for actor Jiří Bartoška in one of this year’s audience megahits.

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Director: Radek Bajgar
Screenplay: Radek Bajgar, Mirka Zlatníková
Cinematography: Vladimír Holomek, Petr Koblovský
Music: Jan P. Muchow
Sound: Hladík ml., Štěpán Mamula
Editing: Jan Mattlach
Production Design: Nora Sopková
Producer: Petr Erben
Costumes: Katarína Hollá
Cast: Jiří Bartoška, Eliška Balzerová, Tatiana Dyková, Jiří Havelka, Jakub Kohák, Pavla Beretová, Iva Janžurová, Anna Čtvrtníčková, Lucia Siposová
  • This film is available in the following territories: Czechia, Slovakia.