Princess Mononoke

An epic adventure fable about the struggle between humans and nature's gods, the film will captivate audiences with its haunting visuals and Hayao Miyazaki's original vision. This irresistibly spectacular film, now considered one of the masterpieces of Japanese cinema and beyond, tells of the need not to be taken in by anger and blindness.

Mononoke hime
Japan 1997
  • Czech
134 min.
  • This film is available until 31. 7. 2028 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

In his most famous film, Miyazaki spreads an immersive canvas before the audience, blending the realities of the historical Muromachi period (1336–1573) with Japanese mythology and his own imagery. In mythical times, when nature was still unbridled and the earth was inhabited by animal gods, the young prince Ashitaka embarks on a distant pilgrimage to find a cure for the deadly curse of wrath that came upon him while defending his village. As a dispassionate observer, his eyes unblinking with anger, he arrives in a fortified steel town led by the implacable Lady Eboshi, who faces fierce attacks from the animals of the adjacent forest, alongside whom fights the wild girl San, raised by wolves. This visually disarming epic, presenting a non-trivial view of the conflict between humans and nature and fascinating, among other things, with its unprecedentedly complex characters, stands today as one of the most essential films in world cinema. It became the highest-grossing Japanese film of its time and brought Miyazaki a well-deserved international breakthrough and worldwide fame.

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Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Screenplay: Hayao Miyazaki
Cinematography: Atsushi Okui
Music: Joe Hisaishi
Sound: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi, Dominick Tavella
Editing: Hayao Miyazaki, Takeshi Seyama
Producer: Toshio Suzuki
Cast: Yôji Matsuda, Yuriko Ishida, Yûko Tanaka, Kaoru Kobayashi, Masahiko Nishimura, Tsunehiko Kamijô, Sumi Shimamoto, Tetsu Watanabe
  • This film is available until 31. 7. 2028 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.