Václav Havel – Living in Freedom

The remarkable fate of an extraordinary man: bohemian, playwright, dissident and president.

Život podle Václava Havla
Czechia, France 2014
70 min.

Hundreds of hours of material have been filmed about Václav Havel, yet a biographical film depicting the life story of the great European has been missing. Havel's colourful life – his family, his childhood, his loves, his dramatic work and his political activities – is captured in a 70-minute documentary by director Andrea Sedláčková, who presents Havel in all stages and roles of his life, including as an intellectual rebel, a lover of women and life, and an admirer of the underground and rockers.

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Director: Andrea Sedláčková
Screenplay: Andrea Sedláčková
Cinematography: David Cysař
Music: Quentin Sirjacq
Sound: Ivan Horák, Štěpán Mamula
Editing: Boris Machytka
Producer: Kateřina Černá
Cast: Václav Havel, Olga Havlová, Dagmar Havlová, Ivan Martin Jirous, Jiří Černý, Stanislav Milota, Ladislav Špaček, dalajlama Tändzin, Keith Richards