My Father, The Prince

An intimate portrait of the relationship between Karel Schwarzenberg, a key figure of the post-November 1989 era, and his daughter Lila Schwarzenberg.

Mein Vater, der Fürst
Austria, Czechia 2022
  • Czech
88 min.
  • This film is available until 1. 8. 2027 in these territories: Czechia.

One of the principal post-November 1989 moral authorities, Chancellor to Václav Havel and former Foreign Minister, affectionately known by many as “the Prince”, Schwarzenberg spent dozens of hours over a period of five years with his daughter, co-director on the film, in places that shaped the somewhat uneasy destiny of this noble family. Prague, Orlík, Vienna, Murau in Styria – everywhere where privacy melded with defining moments in 20th-century history. The fascinating discussions between father and daughter also open up uncomfortable, controversial themes, such as the complex process of growing up in the shadow of a charismatic father, moreover, under the weight of aristocratic traditions and customs.

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Director: Lukas Sturm, Lila Schwarzenberg
Screenplay: Lukas Sturm, Lila Schwarzenberg
Cinematography: Christoph Beck, Georg Diemannsberger, Nino Leitner, Christian Stolz
Music: Walter Werzowa
Editing: Thomas Vondrak, Monika Willi
Producer: Lukas Sturm, Lila Schwarzenberg
Cast: Karel Schwarzenberg, Lila Schwarzenberg
  • This film is available until 1. 8. 2027 in these territories: Czechia.