The Guilty

A police officer assigned alarm dispatch duty enters a race against time when he answers an emergency call from a kidnapped woman.

Den skyldige
Denmark 2017
  • Czech
85 min.

Asger is finishing one of the many annoying duties at the police station when he gets a call from a kidnapped woman. Can he help her quickly and with strategic savvy? Less is sometimes more, and Gustav Möller’s feature debut is a wonderful example of this. In contrast to the norm for suspenseful, adrenaline-packed crime dramas, the filmmaker took the route of formal minimalism, keeping the camera inside the station the entire time. Thus the protagonist’s frus­tration at not being able to visit the crime scene is mirrored by the audience, which is left entirely voreto its own imaginative devices. And as this carefully-paced thriller demonstrates, our experience of the story is fundamentally determined by our fancy.

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Director: Gustav Möller
Screenplay: Emil Nygaard Albertsen, Gustav Möller
Cinematography: Jasper J. Spanning
Music: Carl Coleman, Caspar Hesselager
Sound: Oskar Skriver
Editing: Carla Luffe Heintzelmann
Production Design: Gustav Pontoppidan
Producer: Lina Flint
Cast: Jakob Cedergren, Jessica Dinnage, Omar Shargawi, Johan Gotthardt Olsen, Jacob Lohmann, Katinka Evers-Jahnsen

Sundance Film Festival

2018 – Gustav Möller (Audience Award – World Cinema – Dramatic)

Rotterdam International Film Festival

2018 – Gustav Möller (IFFR Audience Award)

Danish Film Awards (Robert)

2019 – Gustav Möller, Lina Flint (Best Film)

Danish Film Awards (Robert)

2019 – Gustav Möller (Best Director)

Danish Film Awards (Robert)

2019 – Jakob Cedergren (Best Actor)

Danish Film Awards (Robert)

2019 – Jessica Dinnage (Best Supporting Actress)