A Certain Kind of Silence

This mysteriously atmospheric thriller with a sophisticated style questions how resistant an individual is to manipulation of his surroundings.

Tiché doteky
Czechia 2019
  • Czech
96 min.

Mia is hired as an au pair. She knows she’ll be looking after a 10-year-old boy, but that is all. Yet her very first meeting with the family suggests that she is expected to do rather more than this. She has to pay the price for a life of high financial and intellectual reward by following a set of strict rules whose infringement would result in instantaneous dismissal and a ticket back home. However, it would also mean abandoning a child she is trying to reach out to, and losing her self-respect. Michal Hogenauer’s feature film debut examines the strength of an individual’s re­silience to manipulation and the extent to which people are willing to make sacrifices in order to preserve their self-esteem.

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Director: Michal Hogenauer
Screenplay: Michal Hogenauer, Jakub Felcman
Cinematography: Gregg Telussa
Music: Filip Míšek
Sound: Richard Müller
Editing: Michal Reich
Production Design: Laura Dišlere
Producer: Petr Oukropec, Pavel Strnad, Stienette Blosklopper, Lisette Kelder, Aija Bērziņa, Alise Ģelze
Co-production: Jordi Niubò
Costumes: Katrīna Liepa
Cast: Eliška Křenková, Jacob Jutte, Monic Hendrickx, Roeland Fernhout