The Abstainer

How quickly can one get to the bottom of the bottle and life? How hard is it to bounce back from it? Starring Josef Trojan and alcohol.

Czechia 2019
83 min.

Nineteen-year-old Adam becomes a patient of an alcohol treatment institute, the place, most people associate with older habitual drunkards. More and more – even very young – people are alcohol addicted these days. Adam had his whole life ahead of him. All he needed to do was pass the final exam and send the application for the university. But there was no rush. The time was just right for a big party with his mates, a date with a girl or a beer or something stronger with a friend. Adam was convinced that he was having everything under control. He perceived drinking as an effective medicine against boredom and he felt much more careless and funnier with its help. And his parents? They were cool and didn’t notice too much. But then it all went wrong.

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Director: David Vigner
Screenplay: David Vigner, Lucie Kryzová, Jan Jílek
Cinematography: Jan Vlnas
Music: Marek Mrkvička
Editing: John Duffy Jr., Lukáš Skalník
Production Design: Radka Josková
Producer: David Vigner
Cast: Josef Trojan, Jessica Bechyňová, Šimon Fridrich, Vasil Fridrich, Andrea Berecková, Miloslav Čížek, Kristýna Frejová