Shooting Watermelons

Federico is on holiday with his father and brother at a summer vacation home in Sardinia. Their father, Aurelio, is a severe, macho man who makes Federico feel anxious and inadequate. When a wealthy foreign family invites them to dinner, Federico discovers he is not so different from his father.

Sparare alle Angurie
Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal 2023
20 min.
Director: Antonio Donato
Screenplay: Antonio Donato, Paolo Carbone
Cinematography: Sahil Kotwani
Music: Tristan Clarke
Sound: Alessio Festuccia
Editing: Iacopo Calabrese, Antonio Donato
Production Design: Anastasiya Mykhaylova
Producer: Patrick James Verlin
Co-production: Lorenzo Chierici, Anita Contini, Claudia Emily Pau
Costumes: Giulia Vismara
Cast: Luigi Di Fiore, Luca Lacerenza, Sebastian Balzarolo, Alessandra Sarno