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The theme of stagnant, interpersonal, and above all amorous relationships characteristic of animated films by Michaela Pavlátová has also penetrated her feature film directing debut.

Nevěrné hry
Czechia, Slovakia 2003
93 min.
  • This film is available until 31. 12. 2027 in these territories: Czechia.

Unlike the highly-awarded animated work, for which expressive drawing and grotesque abbreviation are characteristic, it is a gently humorous psychological story about the emotional searching of a young married couple. Slovak composer Peter and Czech pianist Eva live in a village on the Slovak-Hungarian frontier, but instead of a country idyll they are living through an emotional crisis. Whilst her husband realises himself in his own work, Eva feels abandoned and professionally unused. Nor does she find an outlet in flight into an amorous relationship with the worldly cellist Andrej. Peter understands that his wife is drawing apart from him, and tries to protect himself against a break-up. However, to put a marriage together again is work for two – and maybe even for their divorced neighbour Márie and her twelve-year-old daughter Janka, who by observing her surroundings acquires very special ideas about relationships between men and women.

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Director: Michaela Pavlátová
Screenplay: Tina Diosi
Cinematography: Martin Štrba
Music: Petr Hromádka
Sound: Daniel Němec
Editing: Tonička Janková
Production Design: Tomáš Žižka
Producer: Kateřina Černá, Pavel Strnad
Costumes: Katarína Bieliková
Cast: Zuzana Stivínová, Peter Bebjak, Kristína Svarinská, Ady Hajdu, Jana Hubinská, Ivana Chýlková

San Sebastián International Film Festival

2003 – Michaela Pavlátová (Best New Director – Special Mention)

Pilsen Film Festival

2004 – Michaela Pavlátová (Best Feature Film – Golden Kingfisher)

  • This film is available until 31. 12. 2027 in these territories: Czechia.