And Then There Was Love…

What do you do when love simply isn’t on the cards and keeps passing you by?

A pak přišla láska…
Czechia 2022
85 min.

60-year-old Kristýna (Pavla Tomicová) has lost her last ray of hope and so it seems to her a brilliant and perfectly rational solution to travel to the Vysočina highlands to see a fortune-teller about her sorry lot in life. She sets off for this therapeutic séance with her daughter Sára (Sára Venclovská), who would prefer to avoid this liberal dose of esoterica at all costs, even though she, herself, is a bundle of nerves. One year on from Mirrors in the Dark, Šimon Holý brings us another wholly independent film about life’s traumas as seen from a female perspective. Once again he relies on remarkably faithful dialogues in order to show that love comes easily to those who are able to love themselves as well.

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Director: Šimon Holý
Screenplay: Šimon Holý, Pavla Tomicová, Sara Venclovská, Tereza Hofová, Eliška Soukupová
Cinematography: Jana Hojdová
Music: Šimon Holý
Sound: Hana Vyšínská
Editing: Sabina Mladenová
Producer: Šimon Holý, Jan Syruček
Costumes: Lucie Vejvodová, Anežka Karasová
Cast: Pavla Tomicová, Sara Venclovská, Tereza Hofová, Eliška Soukupová, Marián Chalány, Nirav Prajapati, Soňa Beaumont, Lenka Karaka, Hana Řičicová, Tereza Nováková, Jana Patočková, Pavla Klimešová, Yara Abu Ataya Diana Cam Van Nguyen