A tramdriver arrives at work with a gloomy face, she switches on the tram lights and moves off. During the journey, however, every time a man in a raincoat gets on, her spirits are raised and she gets increasingly excited by the ride. Even so, we sense that she is alone, but things can change.

Czechia, France 2012
8 min.
  • This film is available until 31. 12. 2027 in these territories: Czechia.

A tram driver goes through the same routine every day – she arrives for work while it’s still dark, she turns on the lights and sets off, picking up passengers on the same old tedious journey. One person is like the next – office workers in raincoats as grey as the sullen, overweight woman’s humdrum life. But the tram’s jerky movements on the uneven track, the power she exerts over the control lever, and the presence of so many men stir the woman’s imagination and the journey suddenly seems drab no longer; things even start to look rosy… Back at the tram terminal, it’s dusk again, but perhaps with the promise of a better future, or at least of a pleasant evening ahead. Thanks to the chosen stylisation, this surprisingly lascivious and sexually explicit film preserves the affability and warmth also found in Green Porno, Isabella Rossellini’s co­llection of stylised short films. Despite the presence of numerous phallic objects, the film retains its innocence, also through the use of retro music (especially appropriate for the stylisation of Tram) which was written for the Czech war drama Protector.

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Director: Michaela Pavlátová
Screenplay: Michaela Pavlátová
Music: Petr Marek
Sound: Daniel Němec, Lionel Guenoun
Editing: Miloš Krejcar
Production Design: Michaela Pavlátová
Producer: Ron Dyens, Kateřina Černá, Pavel Strnad
Cast: Michaela Pavlátová, Vratislav Hlavatý

Annecy International Animated Film Festival

2012 – Michaela Pavlátová (The Annecy Cristal + FIPRESCI Prize)

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival

2013 – Petr Marek (Best Original Film Score)

  • This film is available until 31. 12. 2027 in these territories: Czechia.