The Websters Movie

The Webster Family is a spider family like any other. And yet they are exceptional. Lili has already been through various adventures, but now she is in for the biggest and most dangerous of all: meeting a human being.

Websterovci vo filme
Slovakia, Czechia 2022
65 min.
  • This film is available until 31. 12. 2029 in these territories: Czechia.

It would seem that Lili Webster (Ivana Korolová) is a spider girl like any other. Together with her older brother (Adam Mišík), caring mom (Ivana Chýlková), understanding dad (Jaromír Dulava) and lively grandparents (Jiří Lábus), she lives in a cocoon above the elevator shaft, goes to school and likes to play with her friends. But Lili is unusually curious and brave, so sometimes she gets into a lot of trouble. Like the time she was responsible for watching the flies and they all flew away, or the time she got tricked by an internet scammer. Humorous and affectionate stories intertwined with unexpected adventures, this family animated film explores the everyday joys and sorrows of children and shows that the strongest web is the family.

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Director: Katarina Kerekesová
Screenplay: Katarína Kerekesová, Anna Vášová, Zuzana Dzurindová, Peter Nagy
Cinematography: Tomáš Juríček
Music: Lucia Chuťková
Sound: Martin Merc
Editing: Matej Beneš
Production Design: Boris Šima, Jaromír Salaj, Matej Hradský, Juraj Král
Producer: Katarína Kerekesová, Anna Vášová, Jiří Mika
Cast: Ivana Korolová, Adam Mišík, Jiří Lábus, Ivana Chýlková, Naďa Konvalinková, Daniel Krejčík, Jaromír Dulava, Jan Vondráček, Jana Zenáhlíková
  • This film is available until 31. 12. 2029 in these territories: Czechia.