The Girl on the Broom

The young witch Saxana is not thriving at school and is therefore to stay three hundred years after school. However, she accidentally gets into the world of humans, where she meets a nice boy Honza and the greedy class villain Miky Rouse, who tries to use the naive witch to his advantage.

Dívka na koštěti
Czechoslovakia 1971
  • English
80 min.
  • This film is available until 31. 12. 2024 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

The fourth collaboration between director Václav Vorlíček and screenwriter Miloš Macourek was The Girl on the Broom in 1971. This modern comedy fairy tale charmed audiences of all ages with its intelligent humour, imaginatively designed trick scenes and a varied cast, in which experienced actors (Vladimír Menšík, Helena Růžičková) meet artists of the emerging generation (Petra Černocká, Jan Kraus). This playful tale of the rebellious witch Saxana, who escapes from the realm of magic to normalized Czechoslovakia, is, like other films by the popular creative duo, based on an ingenious clash of the laws of two diametrically opposed worlds. The Girl on the Broom has been seen by over two million people in domestic cinemas, making it one of the most successful titles in Vorlíček and Macourka's fil­mography.

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Director: Václav Vorlíček
Screenplay: Miloš Macourek, Václav Vorlíček
Cinematography: Vladimír Novotný
Music: Angelo Michajlov
Sound: Jiří Hora
Editing: Miroslav Hájek
Production Design: Oldřich Bosák
Producer: Miloš Stejskal
Costumes: Theodor Pištěk ml.
Cast: Petra Černocká, Jan Hrušínský, Jan Kraus, Vlastimil Zavřel, Michal Hejný, Vladimír Menšík, Josef Bláha

Sitges Film Festival

1973 – Oldřich Bosák (Best Special Effects)

  • This film is available until 31. 12. 2024 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.