See You Up There

You can't hide under the most perfect mask…

Au revoir là-haut
France 2017
  • Czech
117 min.

In November 1919, two soldiers–a disfigured but brilliant artist and an ex-accountant–start a memorial con. But in Roaring Twenties France, their adventures soon turn dangerous.

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Director: Albert Dupontel
Based on: Pierre Lemaitre
Screenplay: Albert Dupontel, Pierre Lemaitre
Cinematography: Vincent Mathias
Music: Christophe Julien
Editing: Christophe Pinel
Production Design: Pierre Queffelean
Producer: Catherine Bozorgan
Cast: Mélanie Thierry, Émilie Dequenne, Niels Arestrup, Albert Dupontel, Laurent Lafitte