Black Mercedes

In Nazi-occupied Warsaw, an investigator tries to unravel the mysterious murder of a prominent attorney's wife.

Czarny Mercedes
Poland 2019
117 min.
  • This film is available until 31. 7. 2024 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

Warsaw, June 1942. Aneta, the beautiful wife of a respected lawyer, Karol Holzer, is killed in suspicious circumstances. Rafał Król, an officer of the Blue Police co-operating with the Germans, tries to solve the mysterious murder. Suspicions multiply as one clue after another uncovers the well-hidden secrets of the deceased and disclose unclear connections between her husband and a high-ranked SS officer. Among the suspects there’s also a somewhat eccentric Count Leon Przewidzki, who has a habit of eavesdropping on the visitors to the lawyer’s apartment. During his investigation, Król finds an unexpected ally, Ernst Kluge, a Gestapo commander. Holzer situation becomes increasingly dangerous, while the murderer – still at large – might be ready to strike again.

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Director: Janusz Majewski
Screenplay: Janusz Majewski
Cinematography: Arkadiusz Tomiak
Music: Pawel Lucewicz
Sound: Pawel Jazwiecki, Krzysztof Jastrzab
Editing: Milenia Fiedler, Mariusz Kus
Production Design: Andrzej Halinski
Producer: Wlodzimierz Niderhaus
Co-production: Maciej Muzyczuk
Costumes: Elzbieta Radke
Cast: Maria Debska, Aleksandar Milicevic, Artur Zmijewski, Andrzej Zielinski, Lukasz Sikora, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Andrzej Mastalerz, Izabela Dabrowska, Andrzej Baranowski, Przemyslaw Bluszcz
  • This film is available until 31. 7. 2024 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.