54th KVIFF – Kara Hayward and Jaeden Martell

28. 3. 2024
55 min

Two young talents performed at the KVIFF Talk on 4 July 2019, Kara Hayward and Jaeden Martell. To start off they both praised the festival. ""It's very beautiful here and everyone is really nice,"" they agreed. Then they revealed how they got into film.

The moderator of the discussion, US journalist Gregory Ellwood, continued with questions about the life and studies of a child actor while shooting or the difficulty in making friends with peers when instead of time in school you are spending it on set with adults. Talk also turned to social networks – both actors have accounts on Twitter and Instagram. ""But we're not all that active. We more just use them as promo for our movies. I try not to live on my phone,"" said Kara Hayward, and her 16-year-old colleague agreed.

Aside from stories of filming with Chris Evans, Michael Shannon, Jim Jarmusch and Jordan Peele, the KVIFF Talk naturally did not neglect the films with which the young actors had come to Vary. Jaeden presented two – the horror The Lodge, and The True Adventures of Wolfboy. Kara accompanied the premiere of the competition film To the Stars, which she described as a „story about the fact that we need to love ourselves and be kind to others“.

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