Current Opportunities for Film and Series Development in Central Europe

3. 7. 2023
66 min

Key production players in Central Europe have shifted their priorities or have limited resources to stimulate original development in smaller markets. If a producer now wants to develop content in partnership with new VOD platforms or with local public funds, what are their current opportunities? What can collaboration of synergies look like between VOD platforms/Bro­adcasters and independent producers? What are the needs of Producers, Directors and Scriptwriters in the current ecosystem? Are there still some opportunities in the value chain that have not yet been tapped into? This debate, hosted by Zachary Ntim from DEADLINE aimed at providing an overview of current options that producers, directors, and scriptwriters have when they want to develop their projects.


Łukasz Kłuskiewicz – Director, Film Licensing and Co-Productions at Netflix
Klára Brachtlová – Chief External Affairs Officer at CME (VOYO); AKTV (Association of Commercial Televisions)
Radim Špaček – Vice-chairman of ARAS, film director
Přemysl Martinek – consultant for the Czech Film Fund
Vratislav Šlajer – Chairman of the Board Directors, Audiovisual Producers’ Association, film producer
Petr Dvořák – CEO Vodafone Czech Republic

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