Martin Horyna about the film The Spider Tattoo

30. 6. 2023
4 min
  • English

Long before the modern female revenge genre came into existence, there was The Spider Tattoo, Masumura’s mys­terious, ferocious Edo-era fable. Ayako Wakao is Otsuya, the daughter of a wealthy merchant who gets kidnapped and forced into prostitution. A demented tattoo artist engraves a large, black, human-faced spider on her back that turns her into a murderess, hell-bent on annihilating the men who abused her.

1966, 86 min

Section: Tribute to Yasuzô Masumura
Director: Yasuzô Masumura
Screenplay: Kaneto Shindo podle předlohy / based on the novel by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki
Dir. of Photography: Kazuo Miyagawa
Music: Hajime Kaburagi
Sound: Masao Osumi
Editor: Kanji Suganuma

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