Water Lilies of Monet – The Magic of Water and Light

Where did Impressionism originate? What inspired the genius Claude Monet to paint a series of water lilies? How to capture an elusive moment? The film is presented by Elisa Lasowski.

Le ninfee di Monet
Italy 2019
  • Czech
90 min.

A fascinating journey through Claude Monet's master­pieces is presented in Monet's Water Lilies – the magic of water and light. What inspired the genius and arguably the biggest name in Impressionism to paint a series of water lily paintings? Ross King, one of the leading experts on Monet's work and author of the bestselling Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies, explains the journey to capture the perfect moment. The film is presented by Elisa Lasowski.

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Director: Giovanni Troilo
Screenplay: Giorgio D'Introno, Marco Pisoni, Giovanni Troilo
Music: Remo Anzovino
Sound: Michele Mazzucco, Matteo Bendinelli
Editing: Antonello Pierleoni
Producer: Claudio Montefusco, Mario Paloschi
Costumes: Stefano Ciammitti
Cast: Elisa Lasowski, Ross King, Georges Clemenceau, Claude Monet