The White World According to Daliborek

A stylized portrait of an authentic Czech neo-Nazi, who hates his life but doesn’t know what to change.

Svět podle Daliborka
Czechia 2017
105 min.
  • This film is available until 13. 7. 2027 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

Industrial painter Dalibor K. is approaching 40 but he still lives with his mother Věra. He makes amateur horror movies and writes angry songs; he likes PlayStation and Facebook. And he admires Adolf Hitler. His search for a full-fledged relationship with a woman hasn’t yet panned out, but at least Jana, a new acquaintance from the neighborhood, brings him a little joy. Czech documentarist Vít Klusák has come out with a stylized portrait of a gentle neo-Nazi from Prostějov, Czechia. And despite the fact that he’s yet to attack anyone, he can’t stand many things: his job, Jews, Roma, refugees, homosexuals, Angela Merkel, spiders, and dentists. His mother’s new boyfriend Vladimír also irritates him despite dropping choice nuggets such as “I’d turn gypsies into asphalt” in order to ingratiate himself with the young man. The upshot is that Dalibor hates his life, but he doesn’t know what to change. Corrosively absurd and starkly chilling in equal measure, this tragicomedy investigates the radical worldview of “decent, ordinary people.” And just when it seems that its message can’t get any more urgent, the film culminates in a totally uncompromising way.

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Director: Vít Klusák
Screenplay: Vít Klusák, Marianna Stránská, Adéla Elbel
Cinematography: Adam Kruliš
Music: Vladimír Godár
Editing: Janka Vlčková
Production Design: Marianna Stránská
Producer: Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda
Cast: Dalibor Krupička, Vít Klusák
  • This film is available until 13. 7. 2027 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.