The Ballad of Piargy

The village of Piargy lives a sinful life until one carnival night it completely disappears. It's as if hell has swallowed it up with its people, houses and animals. Will the prophecy of the old witch Ula about the coming of the Antichrist and the cruel punishment come true? The Piargy are a symbol of a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.

Slovakia, Czechia, North Macedonia 2022
  • Czech
103 min.

Young, beautiful and poor, Juliša marries Martin (Daniel Fischer), the son of the richest landowner in Piargy, and finds herself in a family with very strict rules. Not only does she have to face the unpleasant pressure of her mother-in-law, but she is also unable to resist the violent seductions of her father-in-law. Nevertheless, Juliša falls in love with her husband's father and a strange love triangle develops. But the forbidden secret does not remain hidden for long and everyone is eager to profit from it. Julie's sister, the people in the village and even the village priest. The village of Piargy lives a life of sin until one carnival night it disappears completely. It's as if the devils have taken it with the people, the houses and the animals. Is the prophecy of the old local witch, Ula, about the coming of the Antichrist and a cruel punishment coming true?

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Director: Ivo Trajkov
Based on: František Švantner
Screenplay: Jana Skořepová, Ivo Trajkov
Cinematography: Peter Bencsík
Music: Kiril Džajkovski
Sound: Ivo Heger, Juraj Baláž
Editing: Michal Reich
Production Design: Tomáš Berka
Producer: Silvia Panáková, Erik Panák
Co-production: Jordi Niubò, Verica Nedeska, Zuzana Balkóová, Tomáš Janísek, Naďa Janísková-Móricová
Costumes: Anna Hroššová
Cast: Judit Bárdos, Attila Mokos, Lucia Klein Svoboda, Daniel Fischer, Lucia Siposová, Jana Kvantiková, Jana Oľhová, Péter Nádasdi, Marián Geišberg, Ivan Martinka