Lean a Ladder Against Heaven

Unpathetic but powerful portrait of a charismatic Slovak priest who cares for the homeless, former prisoners and teenagers from children's homes in his rectory in the small village of Žakovce under the Tatras.

Opři žebřík o nebe
Czechia 2014
  • Czech
100 min.

The film was shot over a period of five years at the parish in a small village in the Tatra mountains in Slovakia. The local priest Marian Kuffa takes care of nearly 250 people. With them he talks on daily basis and works hard to make them understand that he is not just the one who preaches. The stories of homeless people, alcoholics, junkies and other misfits serve as a parallel to life, faith and personal philosophy of Marian Kuffa. The revelation of the raw picture of the people Marian takes care of makes us understand the incredible power of his determination.

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