Klimt & Schiele – Eros and Psyche

Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. A genius teacher and his genius pupil. Both revolutionised the visual arts and both shocked the conservative Vienna of their time. The film is presented by Lorenzo Richelmy.

Klimt & Schiele
Italy 2018
  • Czech
90 min.

1918. As the roar of the First World War cannons is dying out, in Vienna, the heart of Central Europe, a golden age comes to an end. The Austro-Hungarian Empire is beginning to disintegrate. On the night of October 31st, in the bed of his home, Egon Schiele dies, one of the 20 million deaths caused by the Spanish flu. He dies looking at the invisible evil in the face, in the only he can do: painting it. He is 28 years old. Only a few months earlier, the main hall of the Secession building had welcomed his works: 19 oil paintings and 29 drawings. His first successful exhibition, a celebration of a new painting idea that portrays the restlessness and desires of mankind. A few months earlier, his teacher and friend Gustav Klimt had died. From the turn of the century, he had fundamentally changed the feeling of art and founded a new group: the Secession. The documentary film Klimt & Schiele – Eros and Psyche, will recount this extraordinary season: a magical moment for art, literature, and music, in which new ideas are circulated, Freud discovers the drives of the psyche, and women begin to claim their independence. An age that revealed the abysses of the ego, in which today we're still reflecting ourselves. The film is presented by Lorenzo Richelmy.

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Director: Michele Mally
Screenplay: Arianna Marelli
Cinematography: Mateusz Stolecki
Sound: Paolo Piccardo, Tommaso Zerbini
Editing: Valentina Ghilotti
Production Design: Valentina Di Maria
Cast: Lorenzo Richelmy, Rudolf Buchbinder, Alfred Weidinger