Great Freedom

In post-war Germany, liberation by the Allies does not mean freedom for everyone. Hans Hoffmann is repeatedly criminalized for his homosexuality. Nevertheless, over the decades, he continues his quest for freedom and love, even if he finds it in the most unusual places.

Große Freiheit
Austria, Germany 2021
  • Czech
116 min.
  • This film is available in the following territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

Hans Hoffman is a homosexual and a Jew. Both landed him in a concentration camp during World War II, but his problems were far from over when he was liberated. Because of Section 175 criminalizing homosexuality, he was sent straight to prison and went back behind bars again and again over the next twenty years. His only permanent relationship in life was with his long-time cellmate Victor, convicted of murder. What began with disgust and contempt gradually grew into love.

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Director: Sebastian Meise
Screenplay: Thomas Reider, Sebastian Meise
Cinematography: Crystel Fournier
Music: Peter Brötzmann, Nils Petter Molvaer
Sound: Atanas Tcholakov, Manuel Meichsner
Editing: Joana Scrinzi
Production Design: Michael Randel
Producer: Benny Drechsel, Sabine Moser, Oliver Neumann
Costumes: Tanja Hausner, Andrea Hölzl
Cast: Franz Rogowski, Georg Friedrich, Anton von Lucke, Thomas Prenn, Ulrich Faßnacht, Alfred Hartung, Klaus Huhle, Andreas Patton

Cannes Film Festival

2021 – Sebastian Meise (Un Certain Regard Jury Prize)

European Film Awards

2021 – Crystel Fournier (European Cinematographer)

European Film Awards

2021 – Nils Petter Molvær, Peter Brötzmann (European Composer)

German Film Awards

2022 - Benny Drechsel, Oliver Neumann, Sabine Moser (Outstanding Feature Film)

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

2021 – Sebastian Meise (DDA Spotlight Award)

  • This film is available in the following territories: Czechia, Slovakia.