Choking Hazard

Motel Halali is an ideal place. Isolated deep in the forest, not a living soul turns up all the livelong year except the staff. This is a perfect place for Dr. Reinis's course designed to help people find meaning in life. Course participants learn something about what it means to live and even more about what it means to survive.

Choking Hazard
Czechia 2004
  • hearing impaired
81 min.
  • This film is available until 31. 7. 2024 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

The first Czech zombie-comedy takes place in the isolated motel Halali, surrounded by forests as though created for the organisation of various kinds of encounters and activities requiring full concentration. The participants of a weekend course intended for people seeking the meaning of existence are travelling to the empty motel, which out of season is staffed only by essential personnel. The timid Hanušová, the sex-obsessed Křenovcová, the diligent Lefnerová, her partner the submissive Nedobyl, the young nihilist Verner – all of them are here to learn more about life and themselves. The porn-star Měchura has blundered here by mistake, but he too has something to add to the theme… The leader of this group of very different people is the philosopher Reiniš, blind but enlightened within, who is to teach them how to live. However, critical circumstances force them to learn rather how to survive. The surrounding forest is full of hungry zombies who launch an attack on the motel. And not all the participants have the good fortune or courage to escape their bloodthirsty assault.

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Director: Marek Dobeš
Screenplay: Štěpán Kopřiva
Cinematography: Martin Preiss
Music: František Fuka, Daniel Krob
Sound: Jiří Melcher
Editing: Michal Hýka
Production Design: Kateřina Koutská
Producer: Marek Dobeš, Narek Oganesjan, Petr Macek, Tomáš Kapras
Costumes: Hana Králíková
Cast: Jan Dolanský, Eva Nadaždyová, Jaroslav Dušek, Anna Fialková, Kamil Švejda, Eva Janoušková, Roman Izzi Izaiáš, Dagmar Patrasová, Jan Nemejovský, Ondřej Neff
  • This film is available until 31. 7. 2024 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.