52nd KVIFF – Jeremy Renner

28. 3. 2024
33 min

Actor and musician Jeremy Renner portrayed the main character in the Oscar-winning film The Hurt Locker, and appeared in the Avengers action series, Captain America and two films in the Mission Impossible series, but also in the crime drama American Hustleand in the recent unconventional sci-fi film Arrival. At 52nd KVIFF Renner received the KVIFF President’s Award and presented his most recent film Wind River. The discussion was hosted by KVIFF’s artistic director Karel Och.

One question brought the actor back to his stay in Prague while shooting the fourth instalment of Mission: Impossible. ""I spent three months there. I had quite a bit of free time, so I enjoyed some fun things as well, but I won't tell you which ones,"" Renner said, taunting the audience that applauded him about thirty times during his KVIFF Talk.

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