Tereza Černochová: They told me I couldn't be a singer with my looks and that I'd never be as good as my dad

7. 7. 2023
35 min

Singer Tereza Černochová talked with Čestmir Strakaty about her new album and invites you to four autumn concerts to commemorate the 80th birthday of her father Karel Černoch. She started out in the successful trio Black Milk, but then failed to break through with her solo records. However, she did not want to join the mainstream, preferring to be free and make music in her own way; at that time, however, she decided to quit singing. Coincidentally, Tonya Graves decided to pursue a solo career at that time and Tereza replaced her in Monkey Business. She says she is not the type who likes to be in the spotlight – that's what Matěj Ruppert is in the band for. She says she enjoys her 5 minutes of fame during a gig when she „knocks it down“ and then „hides“ in the band again.

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